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How to have a good Pregnancy

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The health of the parents before and during pregnancy is of utmost importance to health of the baby.

Most mums experience morning sickness which resolves by the 12th-14th week. Some mothers continue to suffer throughout the pregnancy. This will result in altered eating habits to calm the nausea which will mean the baby is low on certain vitamins. Taking supplements including folic acid and vitamin D3 should help.

Smoking is obviously not good during pregnancy. Babies are likely to develop smaller in smoking mothers and more likely to succumb to cot death. Children of parents who smoke are more likely to suffer from bronchitis and asthma.

Alcohol ingested by the mum can be harmful to the baby particularly within the first 8 weeks potentially causing foetal alcohol syndrome. Alcohol consumption creates damage to the central nervous system causing learning difficulties in the child and predisposes them to mental health problems and drug addictions.

When the mother gets ill during pregnancy, sometimes the illness and the medications taken for it can have an impact on the developing baby. Acute infections and diabetes can have effects on baby.

Drugs such as cocaine, LSD, heroin etc. taken during pregnancy have a direct effect upon the nervous system of the foetus and can delay development. It must be remembered that opium derivatives are prescribable and strong painkillers and sedatives should be avoided during pregnancy if possible.

Severe asthma in the mother with her experiencing attacks can temporarily deprive the oxygen levels to the baby can have a lasting effect. Thus it is important to keep asthma well managed during pregnancy.

Emotional stress during pregnancy can affect the base line levels of hormones such as cortisone and adrenalin as the mothers constant hormone levels set base line for baby thus creating a baby that is more tense, clingy, irritable and restless.

Within the womb, baby should be completely surrounded by amniotic fluid and thus protected from external pressures. When there is large baby vs a small uterus or twins there may be consistent compression from the uterus or from the presence of the sibling. This can cause moulding of the baby which can be commonly seen in children with a cone head or plagiocephalic/brachiocephalic presentation.

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