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10 Health Benefits of Spinal Manipulation and Adjustment

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There are various health benefits of Spinal Manipulation and adjustment . Here are 10:

1. It relieves pain

2. It increases range of movement

3. It improves physical function


4. Increases blood circulation

5. It stimulates neurophysiology

6. It improves digestive function

7. It breaks joint fixations

8. Increases the body’s capacity to compensate

9. Releases nerve entrapment


10. Creates a powerful psychological effect of elation




Author: Elite Osteopathy Chiropractic London

Elite Osteopathy Chiropractic London is a holistic healthcare clinic based within the prestigious Harley medical district of London at 2 Wimpole Street, London, W1G 0EB. Tel: 020 3514 8957 email: info@eliteosteopathy.co.uk www.eliteosteopathy.co.uk

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