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A Glass Of Milk A Day Keeps Knee Osteoarthritis Away

The journal Arthritis Care and Research has published findings showing that women who regularly drink fat-free or low-fat milk experienced a delayed progression of knee Osteoarthritis.

However the findings also show that those who regularly ate cheese had an increased progression of knee Osteoarthritis. 

The dietary information of 2148 individuals was gathered at the start of the study and the joint space of the knee was regularly measured via X-ray after 1, 2, 3 and 4 years.

It was seen that those who drunk more milk up to 7 glasses per week, the joint space width decreased.

No significant link was seen in men.


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Osteoporosis – Prevention is key

A report just out from the International Osteoporosis Foundation claims that women may be living longer but their quality of life is at risk unless they protect their bone health. 
With an increasingly ageing population the number of osteoporosis sufferers is  to increase by 23%  across the world by 2030. 
Women over 50 are particularly at risk as  at the menopause the hormonal changes that occur create an imbalance of bone reabsorption and new bone being laid down thus creating a massive decrease in bone mass and thus creating bone weakness. 
This increases risks of bone fracture following even a minor trauma. Quality of life can be massively reduced by a fracture leading to reduced confidence and a withdrawal from society and usual day-to-day activities. 
Given that 20% of patients suffering from a hip fracture die within one year it is so important to protect our bone health and prevent this potential inevitability. 
Pre-menopause is the time to take action. 
Increase vitamin D, calcium consumption, take regular exercise, increase muscle building exercises, get healthy and sensible amounts of sunshine. 

Improve mobility to reduce the likelihood of falls via osteopathic or chiropractic adjustment. 
Increase your consumption of greens, dairy and oily fish and fruit and fortified foods.
For more information visit nof.org